Scale of Charges for Use of HSC Facilities

All fees are payable before departure from the club

Pontoon Members Visitors
First 3 Hours Nil Nil
Days 1 to 7 £5.00 £10.00
Day 8 to 28 £11.00 £22.00
Thereafter Per Day           £22.00 £44.00

Winter Rate: £25 per Week. Only available to Members. Maximum 21 days in any 30 day period. Only between the Cruiser Lift Out (Autumn) and Lift In (Spring).

Facility Members Visitors
Grids per Tide £5.00 £10.00
High Pressure Hose Nil £10.00
Meter Tokens £3.00 £3.00
Derrick £10.00 £20.00
Cruiser Trolley – Per Haul £10.00 N/A
Electric Winch – Per Haul £10.00 N/A



  • Masters of yachts and other craft must make their own arrangements for care of their boats during times of absences from the locality. The Club cannot accept responsibility for the safety of craft, but may at their discretion, cause same to be removed or secured or otherwise dealt with, without liabilty for damage caused thereto or to other craft nearby, and at cost to the owner.

  • Please make cheques payable to H.S.C.

  • Payment should be made by completing the fees form, place in provided plastic bag, together with the payment. Post bag in Honesty Box under the Scale of Charges Notice Board which is located under the Club balcony.

  • Vistors should not make a payment to any club member and instead use the honesty box

  • Club members should not accept payment from visitors and should direct them to use the honesty box.